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OurStage helps you connect with future fans and the key players who make dreams happen.
Create a profile, upload music, videos and photos and introduce yourself.
If fans like what they hear, they'll vote you into the upper ranks where fame and glory await.
Enter our industry contests and promotions for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
You've got the chops, and we're all ears.
Our community of 4,000,000 music fans, 100,000 fellow artists and thousands of industry reps are ready to be blown away. So don't keep them waiting.
If you've envied indie artists whose careers have sky rocketed out of obscurity from one clutch song placement, it's time to prepare for liftoff. In the week's to follow, OurStage will be rolling out a suite of tools and services for professional musicians that includes Publishing Administration. Essentially we'll look to hook up our premium artists with song placement opportunities in television, film, advertising and any other projects that will generate licensing fees and royalties for your music.

If you'd like to be notified when we're ready to launch this service, CLICK HERE.
Membership has its benefits, such as EPKS enhanced with the ability to customize look & feel, a stage plot editor, the ability to store high-resolution images as well as vanity urls for your profile. Members will also have access to competitions designed to get you front in center with industry big wigs, providing priceless insights while having the power to help take your career to the next level. As part of the subscription service you'll also have agents based in NYC, LA and Chicago, opening up their rollodex and submitting your songs for licensing opportunities.

If you'd like to be notified when we're ready to launch this service, CLICK HERE.
Bring your A-game to our monthly music channel competitions and battle other artists for incredible prizes and the chance to place on the coveted OurStage charts. Since the charts are where fans and industry reps go to quickly scan the best music on the site, you'll want to be there.
We pay for greatness by monthly giving away $1,000 to the highest-ranking artist across each of our five genre-based Music Channels including Rock, Country, Pop, Urban, and Specialty. We also partner with industry heavy hitters to arrange priceless opportunities for our artists – from performing at national music festivals to one-on-one time with major label A&R reps.
Conveniently located in one centralized location – your EPK allow industry reps and curious fans to learn everything (well, almost everything) there is to know about you. Create a killer one by uploading your best tracks, videos, photographs and bio. We'll instantly organize your materials into an easy-to-use format so that you can start promoting yourself right away.

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Not screeches from your amp, we're talking about the good kind of feedback. There's no better judge than a bona fide music nerd, and OurStage is full of them. Engage with superfans and hear what they think. Or, head over to the OurStage blog and read some of our DIY tips. You'll learn ways to develop both your music and your marketing skills.
Now you know the game.