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Portrait of The Plain Steel
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"The Plain Steel’s premiere LP, “Folk n’ Roll,” will both assert their prominence in the thrumming Canadian independent music scene and showcase their innovative style to be appreciated abroad." -Sean McCauley
Hometown Hamilton, Canada
Genres Rock, Folk
Band Members Ross Lizotte; Geoff Ball; Kyle Rayner; Tim Friesen; ... » more
Upcoming Shows None
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The Plain Steel are by their own definition, Hamilton’s premiere Folk ‘n’ Roll band
The band started in 1999 as a studio project, but over the years, and inclusion of more musicians to the project, they became a respectable and engaging live act as well....








Canadian Folk n' Roll Band The Plain Steel Release by
The Plain Steel, a rock/folk ensemble from Hamilton, Ontario, have released their first feature-length album, “Folk n' Roll,” on vinyl and digital media. The band is a quintet mainly comprised of...

The Plain Steel - Folk 'n' Roll (review) by
Hamilton's The Plain Steel's new EP is appropriately named. The band neatly straddles the worlds of rock and roll and folk/country. Their rock is firmly situated in the 70s southern guitar rock...



Technical Requirements

Ross, electric guitar/vocals:  requires vocal mic (with boom stand) and instrument mic for Fender Deville amp, 2x12, placed immediately stage right of drums; generally prefers to have a stage monitor near his vocal mic.

Kyle, electric guitar: requires instrument mic for Fender Blues Jr amp, placed stage left of Tim's amp.

Tim, electric bass: Uses a Mark Bass amp with 4x10 cabinet, placed immediately stage left of drums.  DI for bass is preferred.

Geoff, cello: requires an armless chair placed stage left, DI input for acoustic cello fitted with pick-up; will provide own pre-amp and EQ, generally prefers a stage monitor nearby (front of stage between cello and backing vocal mic).

Shawn, drums: requires minimum of four mics (kick, snare, two overheads), two additional mics for rack tom and floor tom are preferred if available




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