Slimstown Studios Announces New Mobile Video Game “Dragonbites: Smokin’ Bunnies”

Slimstown Studios announced its newest game “Dragonbites: Smokin’ Bunnies”, a video game in the ‘catapult’ sub genre. The game, coming soon for smartphones and tablets, features an eclectic cast of characters, lewd & crude humor, enemies that fire back, and the ability to choose any type of bunny-based projectile for any shot. “Dragonbites: Smokin’ Bunnies” is based on the Dragonbites license created by RES Interactive. Check out the trailer here and the link to iTunes for download:

Ciph Boogie - Brooklyn, NY
Mieka Pauley - New York NY
Dallas, TX
Katie Cole - Sherman Oaks, CA
About Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown - Nashville, TN
Austin Renfroe - Nashville, TN
Metermaids - Brooklyn, NY
Nikki Lynette - Chicago, IL
Yuri Koller - Toronto, Canada
Jesse Terry - Mamaroneck, NY
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