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Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Band Members When playing a full band setup:; 1. Amy Wallace- Rhythm... » more
Achievements Recruiter-5
Upcoming Shows None
Contact Information:

After sneaking off to a Sheryl Crow concert, a sixteen year-old Amy Wallace, sat grounded in her room. Instead of twitling her thumbs, she made a decision that would change her entire life... She decided right then and there to pick up a guitar, teach...






California Girl: Midland High graduate making t... by
Musicians often make for great stories because they're frequently filled with tales of playing dusty smokey bars, nightmarish experiences and road weariness.By Jimmy PattersonOnline Editor...

Austin Live Show Review by
I wrote this review on a napkin wrapped around a bottle of beer. Amy liked it. That message should convey the type of show that Amy plays and the type of person Amy is. I've seen the Amy Wallace...



Technical Requirements

Amy Wallace FULL BAND Input List/Requirements
• Guitar (center stage)
1. Guitar Amp Mic
2. Vocal Mic
• Fiddle/ Violin
3. Fiddle DI- Mono
• Drums
4. Kick Drum
5. Snare Drum
6. High Hat
7. Rack Tom (optional)
8. Floor Tom (optional)
9. Left Overhead - ROH (optional)
10. Right Overhead - LOH (optional)
• Guitar
11. Vocal Mic
12. Guitar Amp Mic
• Bass
13. Vocal Mic
14. Bass DI- Mono
• Keyboards
15. Vocal Mic
16. Top Keyboard DI- Mono
17. Bottom Keyboard DI- Mono

Amy Wallace ACOUSTIC SET Input List/Requirements
• Guitar (center stage)
1. Acoustic Guitar DI- mono
2. Vocal Mic
• Keyboards
3. Vocal Mic
4. Top Keyboard DI- Mono
5. Bottom Keyboard DI- Mono

POTENTIAL Additions to the ACOUSTIC SET Input List/Requirements
• Percussion
1. Acoustic Percussion Mic
• Guitar
2. Guitar Amp Mic
3. Acoustic Guitar DI- Mono
4. Vocal Mic
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