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Hometown Huntsville, AL
Band Members 1st Lead<br/>Johnny Blackshire<br/> <br/>2nd Lead<br/>... » more
Achievements Top-10
Upcoming Shows None
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Every so often someone comes along with not only the talent and ability, but also the PASSION!!!!! to change the world. They usually impact us in all areas of our life; such as sports, politics, religion, and MUSIC just to name a few. These leaders or...







October 2009 Hip-Hop Videos


Technical Requirements


We require professional staging (minimum 26x20, a 8x8 carpeted drum riser and 2 8x8 keyboard risers. 3(110vac) quad boxes on upstage for instruments. All power must be isolated to avoid noise from F.O.H system

We require a Mackie Onyx 48 channel console for the nice overhead and for the fact that there’s no need for the use of direct boxes or a Soundcraft GB4-40 40-Channel Live Sound Mixing Console or a Midas Venice 320 32-Channel Analog Mixer. No digital consoles, thanks

We require a F.O.H rack with 10 channels of gates, 10 channels of compression, 10 channels of 1/3 octave graphic equalization, 4 Yamaha spx990 or comparable FX units, 1 Tascam CD player

We will require a full mic package for drums.
Keyboards will require 8 direct boxes and two direct boxes for the drummer
Guitar amp will require 1 direct box for amp
Vocals will require 2 professional grade handheld wireless mics ONLY SHURE UHF (no exceptions)

We require a monitor console and experienced monitor engineer. System must be professional 2 way monitors with ample power to feed 6 discreet mixes. All monitors must be matching models. Preferred speakers are JBL JRX112M 2 way stage monitors and it must be a total of 12 monitors on stage. Please refer to stage plot for placement

There should be a lighting system consisting of several color washes, which includes red, gold, yellow, turquoise, pink
The 2 lead vocalists and drummer spotlights should be white. The lead keyboard player’s light should be red at all times
2nd keyboard players light should be green at all times. the guitar players light should be blue at all times. Specials are needed for each performers solos. an experienced lighting operator is needed to run the show (NO EXCEPTIONS
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