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Hometown Austin, TX
Band Members Michael Holt, Brad Fordham, Lisa Pankratz.
Achievements Channel-number_1 Top-10 Top-10 Top-10 Top-10
Upcoming Shows None
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Michael Holt and the Trophy 500’s are a dynamic mix of blues, big band swing, rock and roll influences from the 50’s and 60’s, and roots Americana. They have quickly become one of Texas' “must see” acts while re-defining the roots rock/blues scene here...





October 2007 Blues
February 2008 Blues
January 2008 Blues


Technical Requirements

Michael Holt
And the Trophy 500’s
Production Rider

1.A. Stage Dimensions and Preparations
If a portable stage is being used, the following dimensions are ideal. We can, however, make things work in other situations.
Stage Depth: 25'
Stage Width: 30'
Stage Height: 3'
(1) If the stage is portable the stage is to be skirted in black material on all visible sides.
(2) PRIOR TO LOAD-IN: The stage needs to be clear of any and all items (i.e. chairs, plants, musical equipment, scenery, etc.). If there are permanent obstructions, please note them accurately to the Road Manager during the advance call.
1.B. Risers
PURCHASER must supply one 8’ x 8’ x 16” riser with a black skirt to be set up prior to backline equipment arrival for use as the drum riser. Please see enclosed stage plot for placement of riser.
The following items must be set up and in full operating order by the time the artist and band arrives. Please understand that backline is only required when the band is flying in for a performance and not traveling with personal gear.
2.A. Keyboard/ Piano
2.B. Drums
PURCHASER must supply a complete drum set consisting of an 22” kick drum, a 14” snare, a 10” and 12” rack tom and a 14” floor tom. The set must also include a snare stand, a kick drum pedal, a high hat stand, and no less than five (5) cymbal stands with all components in good working condition. The set must be Yamaha maple or recording custom, or comparable makes such as Pearl or DW. Please ensure that there are new drum heads on all components. The kick drum must have a hole on the front head to place a mic in. PURCHASER may also be required to provide cymbals.
2.C. Bass
PURCHASER must supply one (1) 4x10 Bass Cabinet and one (1) Bass Amp, preferably Ashdown, Ampeg or Eden. Please be sure that all necessary power and patch cables are available.
2.D. Electric Guitar #1
PURCHASER must supply one (1) Fender vibroluxe custom amp and one Class A 2x12 amp preferably a laney VC-30 or Vox. If this is not available a Marshall 2x12 tube combo and a Fender Supereverb is acceptable.
2.E. Electric Guitar #2
2.F. Misc.

Please ensure that every effort has been taken to provide each of the following items must be set up and in full operating order by the time the artist and band arrives. The technicians responsible for all sound equipment must remain available on site for the duration of the event. PURCHASER must supply a sound engineer for the event. The following list does not include all cables, power provisions, and set-up personnel that must be provided to make the system fully functional. Please pay special attention to each of the elements in this rider, and if you feel that your existing system will not suffice for this event, please consult a professional audio company.
3.A. House Sound

(1) Speakers
PURCHASER must supply a full professional quality stereo sound system capable of producing average of 100 dB SPL for every seat in the audience. This should consist of a typical three- (3) or four- (4) way speaker system with all necessary amplifiers, crossovers, and processing. There must be a 31-band graphic equalizer on the house main sends. Preferred speakers are Meyer, Apogee, JBL and EAW.
(2) Front-of-House Console
PURCHASER must supply a professional quality and fully functional console with a minimum of 24 inputs and 6 auxiliary outputs. This console will be used for Michael Holt and the Trophy 500’s inputs and the inputs of his band members ONLY! If other acts are using the same sound system, there must be separate inputs for such acts. Acceptable consoles are: Yamaha, Soundcraft, Crest, and Allen & Heath. Each input channel must be capable of 3 band sweepable equalization. If this is an outdoor performance, adequate shielding from the elements (both rain and sun) must be provided.
(3) Front-of-House Processing
PURCHASER must supply professional quality sound effects and processing as follows:
a) Two (2) multiprocessing effects units, such as Lexicon PCM 90 or Yamaha SPX-90
b) Four (4) channels of fully-adjustable compressors
c) Four (4) channels of gates
d) One (1) Stereo CD player
e) 32-band graphic equalizer for each speaker send (House Left, House Right, Front Fills, Delays, Subs, etc)
(See Input List for patching)
3.B. Monitors
There must be a minimum of four (4) dedicated auxiliary sends for the use of monitor mixes (in addition to these four, two (2) will be needed for effects). If a separate monitor console is available, this would be preferred.
(1) Monitor Mixes
There must be a minimum of four (4) monitor mixes, preferably with a 32 band graphic equalizer for each mix. Please refer to the input list for specific allocation of mixes, and refer to the stage plot for specific monitor placement.
(2) Monitor Wedges
There must be a minimum of six (6) monitor wedges. Three (3) of these wedges will be on one mix for Michael Holt (

Michael Holt and the Trophy 500’s input list.

Input Description Device Stand Notes

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