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Portrait of Stealing Heather
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Hailing form Los Angeles, CA, Stealing Heather's sophomore album, "Your Mistake" is available now.
Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Genres Rock, Pop
Band Members Joshua Aaron; George Bohdan; Jim Briggs; Scotty Lund
Achievements Top-40 Top-40 Top-40
Upcoming Shows None
Contact Information:
AudioLot Management 888.224.3343
# Years Experience Performing Live: 5
# Live Perfomances Past Six-months: 10
Market Draw: Los Angeles, CA: 76-100
Venue History: The Viper Room - Los Angeles, CA
Room 5 - Los Angeles, CA
The Key Club - Los Angeles, CA
The Key Club - Los Angeles, CA
Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
The Living Room - New York City, NY
The Rusty Rudder - Dewey Beach, DE
The Knitting Factory - New York City, NY
The Knitting Factory - Los Angeles, CA
The Bitter End - New York City, NY
Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI
Hynes Convention Center - Boston, MA
Crash Mansion - New York City, NY
The Mercury Lounge - New York City, NY
The Playboy Mansion - Los Angeles, CA
Similar Artists: Snow Patrol; The Killers; Radiohead; Coldplay; Muse
Performing Rights Society: ASCAP
Discography: Your Mistake LP—2010; Six Minutes to Somewhere LP—2006

"There are bands who exist solely on their vibe and then there are bands whose lyrics and musical energy change a part of you," says Stealing Heather's Joshua Aaron. "To us, music is about pushing boundaries and trying to make a difference in someone's...







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Top 40 in Rock, June 2011
Top 40 in Rock, May 2011

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It’s not often we get to meet bands like Stealing Heather from the US but when we do we can’t wait to share them with you. The LA band has a rare sound of musicians who love playing music, simply...

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There are certain things that I count on to get me through the day when the world seems to be spinning out of control. On these days, I turn to music. Filled with solid grooves, lyrics to meet any...



Technical Requirements

Input List – 2011 

(please note: everything listed is for an optimal performance. If you are unable to furnish everything listed please let us know and we will discuss alternatives before the band arrives. Everyone will make a best effort to be accommodating as we understand that situations can and will vary. At the end of the day we all want a great performance)

Technical Requirements 

Purchaser shall furnish the following at his/her sole cost and expense: 

1. Stage: A safe and securely erected stage with sufficient space and dimensions (no less than twenty (25) feet wide x fifteen (20) feet deep) for the Artist to perform comfortably and safely. A drum riser that is no less than two (2) feet higher than the stage floor and no less than eight (8) feet x ten (10) feet in dimension. 

2. Lighting: An adequate professional stage lighting system with a standard assortment of bright colored gels, plus a lighting operator, two follows spots with operators. A minimum of 40 one-kw instruments front and back positions with 24 channels of dimming. 400 amps separate power source required for lighting. Additional lighting and fog machines are always welcome, however this is a minimum lighting requirement. 

3. Sound: A professional quality sound system (should be Midas Heritage 3000 (or a pre-discussed and agreed upon suitable equivalent of a Midas Heritage 3000) with a minimum of 32 inputs (suitable alternatives would be Yamaha or Crest), with separate equalization on each channel, and an engineer-operator. Front of house sound system must have an active three way cross over. Four channels of insertable compression. 

Outboard gear: 

Empirical Labs Distressors (with Brit Mode) 

Lexicon Reverb/Delay (PCM 81 & PCM 91) 

Eventide Delays (H3500, and/or DPS7000, H8000) 





Mix 1 (Joshua Aaron – Lead Vox, Guitar, Stage Center): 

  Lead Vocal loud 

  Backing Vocal Mix (i.e. all other vocal microphones) – no more than ½ the volume of the lead vocal 

  Rhythm Guitar 

  Lead Guitar 



Mix 2 (George Bodhan – Bass, Stage Left): 

  Lead Vocal 

  George Vocal 

  Kick Drum up 

  Rhythm Guitar (medium) 

  Keyboard Mix (low) 

  Lead Guitar (low) 


Mix 3 (Jim Briggs – Lead Guitar, Stage Right): 

  Lead Vocal 

  Jim Vocal 

  Lead Guitar 

  Rhythm Guitar 

  Keyboard Mix 


Mix 4 (Scotty Lund – Drums): 

  Good vocal mix (with lead vocal loudest) 


  Guitar Mix 

  Keyboard Mix 


Note: Please roll off 3-5db of high end (8kHz-16kHz) and 2db-3db of low end (30hz-150hz) on all vocal EQ’s 

Note: Requirements for each mix are listed in order of importance





Fender 65’ Super Reverb (original or reissue) – (if not available get a Fender Tweed or Bassman) 

Vox AC30 (AC30H2 preferred, if not available AC30CC2 or Marshall JCM800 acceptable) 

Monster Studio Pro 1000 Instrument Cabling 


Korg DTR-1 Rack Tuner 



Matchless DC-30 – (if not available a Vox AC-30) 

Monster Studio Pro 1000 Instrument Cabling 


Korg DTR-1 Rack Tuner 



M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 

Roland Fantom XR 

Roland Config Sustain Pedal (for Keystation Pro 88) 

Roland Config Sustain Pedal (for Fantom G8) 

Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal 

Access Music TI2 Keyboard 

Dual Keyboard Stand 



Korg DTR-1 Rack Tuner

Ampeg SVT-CL Head 

Ampeg SVT-810E 8×10 Cabinet 

Bass Overdrive Pedal (not distortion) 



Drums should be DW, vintage Ludwig, vintage Slingerland, Gretsch, or Premier 

16×22 kick drum 

12×14 rack tom 

16×18 Floor Tom 

6.5×14 snare drum (Ludiwg suprasonic or black beauty) 

DW 5000 Kick Drum Pedal 

Soft, comfortable drum throne (no back) 

Zildjian Cymbals: 

14" A Custom hi hat 

16" K custom dark crash 

18" K custom dark crash 

22" A custom ping ride 


Obviously all drum & cymbal stands need to be included and new heads should be on all drums properly stretched prior to delivery. Drums should also be properly tuned prior to the band’s arrival. 



(5) Shure Beta87C (wired or wireless, doesn’t matter) 

(5) Boom Microphone Stands 



There needs to be a separate monitor mix available for each musician (meaning 4 separate monitor mixes) and the monitors should be placed across the front (4 across the front), in front of the keyboard (1), and one by the drummer for a total of 6 monitors (with 4 separate monitor mixes as described above). See the stage plot provided for detailed stage layout (note that there was not sufficient room to place the monitor in front of the keyboard in the stage plot, but there does need to be a monitor present). 


The sound engineer should be familiar with the band and the band’s sound including but not limited to the albums, “Your Mistake” and “6 Minutes To Somewhere” (downloadable version of the songs can also be arranged if time is limited). 

All proper reverbs, compressors, delays, P/A system, etc. needs to be provided and in the hands of a knowledgeable engineer before and during show time. The crew should have the band’s gear and all requirements setup and taken care of for the band. At no time should the band be required to carry their own gear and load on/off the stage.



Two (2) three-prong outlets need to be provided at center stage, three (3) three-prong outlets need to be provided at stage right, two (2) three-prong outlets need to be provided at rear stage rear, two (2) three prong outlets need to be provided at stage left front, and two (2) three-prong outlets need to be provided at stage rear (drummer). All outlets should be properly grounded in order to avoid ground loops, sixty cycle hum, etc. Should any or all of these requirements not be able to be met, the venue shall be solely responsible for providing extension cords, DI boxes, hum eliminators, etc. 



The band should be provided at least a 45-minute (more than likely it’ll run about an hour plus) sound check a minimum of 60-90 minutes prior to their performance. Should more than one performance be required, an additional sound check following the same regulations should be provided to the band for each additional performance. 



The band should be provided a private dressing room with enough space to hold their personal items and to relax and/or visit with media personnel to conduct private interviews, take pictures, etc. 

At least 1 case of room temperature bottled water should be provided for the band and be present in the band’s dressing room.


Stage Plot Image

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