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Portrait of Just Off Turner
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"Hot alternative modern rock with a flavorful Southern twist is what Just Off Turner provide. Great American rock & roll, with attention to songwriting, soaring vocal harmonies and Top 40 choruses make this act a must see." - Music Connection magazine
Hometown North Hollywood, CA
Genres Modern Rock, Indie Pop
Band Members Bryan Mounce; Eric Gustafson; Phil Metzler; Stephen ... » more
Achievements Channel-number_1 Top-10 Top-10 Top-10 Top-40
Upcoming Shows None
Contact Information:
Chris 310-369-0254
# Years Experience Performing Live: 6
# Live Perfomances Past Six-months: 18
Market Draw: Los Angeles: 151-200; Detroit: 201-250; Milan, Italy: 151-200; Rio de Janerio: 201-250
Venue History: The Viper Room - Los Angeles, CA
The Magic Bag - Ferndale, MI
club Alcatraz - Milano, IT
Opener Experience: Nesli; Billy Ray Cyrus; Former/Future
Similar Artists: Maroon 5; Kings Of Leon; John Mayer
Performing Rights Society: BMI
Discography: Things That We Stole LP—2010; Words On Waves LP—2009; The Long Walk Back LP—2007

Since arriving on the LA scene, Just Off Turner has evolved into a band that is repeatedly turning heads and consistently winning over new fans. With passionate lyrics contagious melodies and a timeless sound, JOT is a band with universal appeal.








August 2008 Rock
Top 10 in Shout It Out with HANSON: San Diego, CA, July 2010
Top 10 in Shout It Out with HANSON: Los Angeles, CA, July 2010

Just Off Turner by
Molly Malone’sLos AngelesMaterial: A little bit of rock, a little bit of soul, and a whole lotta pop describes the infectious tunes that Just Off Turner delivers. Nothing is lacking, no criticism...

[re: How Much It Hurts] by
What makes a good song?I’d say it’s when the lyrics mesh with the melody…That’s when you start reaching people.I love this song… Wish the chorus happened one more timeBut that’s infinitely more...



Technical Requirements

Technical Rider

• Audio and/or video recording only with prior consent from the band or their


• If possible a small table for band merchandise and one volunteer to man the

merchandise table would be greatly appreciated

• A secure dressing room/backstage area with drinking water is desirable

Sound and Stage Requirements


Guitar Amplifier – A Fender DeVille guitar amp is a must. Should this amplifier not be

available for any reason, please contact the band as soon as possible.

Bass Cabinet and head – Eden 8X10 Bass Cabinet w/Eden WT800 Bass Head


Amped 8X10 Bass Cabinet w/PVT Pro Bass Head

or something comparable (e.g., SWR)

Keyboards – Nord Electro 2 or 3 (73-key) and Yamaha S90es with double-tier stand [if

Yamaha S90es is unavailable, a Yamaha 88-key Motif is ideal. However, if neither are

available, a comparable 88-key, weighted keyboard (e.g., Kurzweil, Korg, Roland) should be a

last resort

Drums – DW or equivalent [22" kick, 12" rack tom, 16" floor tom, hi-hat stand, four

cymbal stands and adjustable drum throne] Kick pedal, cymbals and snare will be provided by

the drummer

Front of House mixing console:

Minimum of twelve (12) channels with at least eight (8) XLR inputs and four (4) line level

inputs. Each XLR channel must have a tip-ring-sleeve insert point, four bands of EQ (including

at least two bands of sweepable parametric). Each channel must also have at least four (4)

auxiliary sends (at least two of these should be pre-fader).It is preferred that the console have

at least four sub-groups.


Soundcraft Venue series or equivalent

Mackie 2404

Front of House Main Speaker System:

Speakers should be capable of delivering 105 dB of clean full-range sound throughout

the entire listening area. In most venues we will require at least two (2) 18-inch sub cabinets

and two (2) top cabinets, each housing a 15-inch woofer and 2-inch driver.

Front of House Amplification:

Necessary to deliver 105 dB of clean full-range sound through speakers as described above.

On-Stage Monitor Wedges:

A total of four (4) clean, full-range monitor wedges are required, paired on four separate

monitor mixes if possible (see Stage Plot). At minimum, each monitor should contain one 15-

inch woofer and one 2-inch driver.


Four clean and high quality mics to be supplied by the promoter.


Promoter must provide a house sound technician, who is very familiar with the house sound

system, for both sound check and show. If the technician cannot speak English, please provide

a translator. System must be set up, working, and line-checked before the artists arrive.


Please supply all necessary cables to connect and operate entire system.

Stage and Lighting Requirements:


Stage area should be clear of centralized items that restrict movement of performers, or that

restrict audience member's view of the stage area. This includes but is not limited to the

presence of columns, plants, speakers, banners, vending tables, children, small furry

creatures, puppet shows, etc.

The stage should be elevated and should have minimum dimensions of 20 feet wide by 15 feet

deep. The performance area should be centered and as far down stage as possible.

Outdoor stages must be protected from the elements (e.g. must be covered in case of rain or

direct hot sun).


At a minimum the performance area should be well lit, with a general wash over the entire

stage. A variety of colored lights is strongly preferred. Should existing lighting be insufficient

for event, lighting from a third party should be rented. We will be delighted to work with you

onsite in order to mark any and all lighting events, and please know that we will be relying

heavily on your expertise. If all else fails, please think “rock show” and use your best judgment.

Just Off Turner technical rider – Updated December 16, 2010

General Guidelines:

A. PA system must be assembled and fully operational at specified load-in time.

B. Just Off Turner will be arrive no less than one hour (60 minutes) of show start for load in, set

up and sound check. This is to ensure the quality and functionality of all technical aspects of


Thank you for carefully making your way through this rider. Your hard work and cooperation

on all points is very much appreciated. If you encounter any problems in meeting the

requirements of this rider, or would like additional information concerning general details and

logistical questions, please call 323.428.7456 immediately.

Additional technical questions should be directed to In addition, please

feel free to contact us directly in the case of irreconcilable problems and special needs by

calling us at 323.428.7456.

Stage Plot Image

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