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Caving In

Album: Underbelly




Modern Rock


Two people ruining a relationship. A full karma swing-a-round, complete with mutual finger-pointing. The guy thought he was running things. He'll learn. Touche'.

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Caving In It’s supposed to be me riding high, but I can’t cause the lies that are here are from your side. I used to think I could run with the fun, now it’s all come undone. I’m knee-deep in deception. It was the man running things, and now you’re having some fling and I’m not happy . . . It all began when I tried to get away from the blah everyday by having myself a parade. I line the women all up, so I can see just how bad I can be, now it’s all over for me. Yes, I’m a dog through and through And nothing’s changed, except for you . . . And now I’m Caving In, losing everything, I’m alone again. And I wish you well, I could never tell, and I fell for it all again. And now I know that I’m just a stinking dog to kick around cause your flawed ass seems to think that you’re a god Yes, I’m just a stinking dog, begging you not to judge me. Don’t you know you’re not a god? It took a strong hand, strong will just to be my mother And it looks like you will never be the lover I need. You’re making me bleed . . . It’s under my skin, I just can’t win . . .

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