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Hold On

Album: Adversity
Full Turnout




Contemporary/Soft Rock


HOLD ON Written by Matt Krusky Sometimes, I sit alone inside my room and think, that I, I’m really all alone. Inside, my troubled mind, my heart begins to sink, have I, really ever grown... Hold on... Chorus: Hold on, cause none of this will really matter. Hold on, and time will light the way. And you’ll see, all your doubt scatter when you, look back at who, you used to be…. Just hold on, Hold on… Sometimes, I have a thousand choices left to make, and I, struggle with the doubt. Inside, I wonder how much more that I can take. Will I, ever sort it out... Hold on Bridge: Your finding it hard, to keep at bay, the clutter inside, gets in the way of, the life you always knew. Your wracking your brain, to work it out as, the ride of your life, spins about and, theirs nothing you can do. But hold on, hold on…

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