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He Lives

Album: He Lives
Ron Hobson






Title track to the only Gospel music album that Ron ever released. Mostly Lo-Fi to demo sound quality. Chenres covered are Christian Alt. at best and include rock, blues, indie, singer/songwriter, and bluegrass.

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Please note that this is the actual first demo of this song. Quality and marketability were just not major concerns here, and I simply wanted to release it in its most primitive form. I don't really care what the music industry thinks anyway! Ok, now the lyrics..... He Lives.... He is still here today and he gives us faith to show us the way.... and he moves there in the stillness of your heart and if you could know him you could start.... to live a brand new way..... forgive, because of mercy and grace.... Look up.... because there will come a day, when he will return and take you home.... He Lives.... He lives.... way up high above the trees and he is still here, down to earth with you and me.... He only wants to show you love and set you free... If your burden is too great, too great to bare. He lives.... He lives here, inside of me. ....and if you would trust him then you could start to live...

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