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Love Letter

Album: Lee EmCee MixTape 2010






This is a song I wrote for the girl who will always remain in my heart... Instrumental is Large Professor's "Love Wit You"

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Verse 1: This is my love letter & its all about love, its this feeling that we feel growing between us, for some souls can get love confused with lust, but love means two together like the turtle doves. Trust, is a must its a part of the flavour, without that ingredient nothing can save ya, loves a chemical bond running through nature, to deny that is to deny your savour, she made ya, complete from the first kiss on ur cheek, like shes the last piece to the puzzle now your complete, it can take some a lifetime to find the last piece, when its finally found u can now rest in peace. Verse 2: This is my love letter so id like to include, loves a magical feeling its a magical mood, feel it through your body as it empowers you, when you hear it through her lips "i love you". One to choose, it all starts with a date, try not to think of past relationships as a waste, even if they went wrong it wasnt a mistake, because it got you the girl that you love today! Were fond, of each other the affection can smother, but if there was no affection then why would ya bother, introduced to lil brother at the same time ya mother, its all in the open theres no girl id rather. No other, could i see the same way through my eyes, whilst im with you theres no betrayel no lies, when betrayed some will break down and cry, forgive not forget's a reason love can die. Verse 3: This is a love letter filled with so many words, its hard to find the right adjectives & verbs, to rhyme in time for my speech to be heard, im sick of waiting in line im next its my turn, Ive earnt, the right to be able to speak what i like, writing this rhyme between lines soon enough u will find, the reason behind this lyrical mastermind, spiritually, lyrically passing through the afterlife, Ive sacrificed, much in life in order to achieve, completing goals open gates through my journey, lessons will be taught its are purpose to be learning, do u live to work or do u work to be earning, ur searching, love what you have & what your given, life without love is like an uncompleted mission, losing a love is like getting locked in a prison, feelin all alone even though alone you isnt. Nearly finished, no gimmicks this is straight from the heart, its a love letter that can be played again from the start, your apart of the moment watch present turn to past, time ticks away the seconds & the seconds count fast. All i ask, is to count the times in which there's worth, life & love are full of kodac moments on all earth, you only now understand after the 3rd verse, this love letters complete let the love be heard.

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