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Even Mr. Wonderful Has Bad Days

Album: Too Much of Me
Michael Todd




Americana / Alt Country


Sometimes nothing goes right. And when relationships turn sour, we don't always say the right things. And it affects our work, our friendships, everything. Well, even Mr. Wonderful has bad days.

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It's three o'clock in the afternoon I need my coffee buzz The kids are ringing in my ear God, I really could use a beer, Cause I went a little under last night When you went to work And I tossed and turned And I couldn't sleep When you left you know you shut the door Only made me wanna cry and moan some more. Don't talk to me, don't look at me I hope this is a phase Even Mr. Wonderful has bad days Every day it seems that we get further form finding happiness Remember when we started? Everbody thought that we were dripping sappiness. I know I've been surly, baby, I've been mean. Girly, you've been awful too from what I've seen. Remember we quit smokin' two months ago That should count for somethin' right? No no no... And daddy's right, money's tight get a job that pays Even Mr. Wonderful has bad days. We haven't really talked in two and a hald days Every time we check our eyes we look other ways Hold me baby I love you so. I don't really know how to say that though. And daddy's right, money's tight, get a job that pays, Even Mr. Wonderful has bad days.

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