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I Suck

Album: Bias




Indie Pop


A creepy song, recorded with a bare-bones approach

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Oh baby girl, Slit my throat - yeah just like that, Under this hurt, I'm barely there & fading fast, If you care at all, Anyways, Explode sun, So I know your burning, I can't be the only one, I know what I got ain't enough, Yeah so what? Girl you rock, You rock, And I'm... Too young to feel like I've spent a whole lifetime in the world, Can't sleep, Blackout, So long, So down, Tears dry keep your eyes by the fire, I know what we got ain't forever, Whatever, You rock, You rock, And I'm... Burning out underwater, Baby you're cold, But I'm hurt enough don't hold on, Hold on to what? These feelings I have, They're not importantm, As long as you're drunk, And making me look bad, Girl if that's what's up then I'm down, Yeah that's cool, Cause' you rock, Yeah you rock and I suck, Yeah I suck, Cause' you rock -yeah you rock and I suck.

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