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Not Guilty

Album: V.I.C.E.




Alternative Hip-Hop


Not Guilty - Written by: VaneLi Music: Carlos Glez Just call me VaneLi Ness Ness, NessLi, Sexy But don't test me Could get Nasty Tempt to blast me Failure if you dare try Say bye byes To the Lie, Lies Just wanna sit back and relax Livin’ in this world where you're always paying tax Every step, sacrifice, sweat cost a pretty penny Just like every colony, stature's based on quantity of money Yeah it's sad honey, it's all cash money And the harder you strive, the more you can dive Straight in it, get soaking wet, no debt Bet you got the world in your hands, grasp it Take hold, unload, behold, yourself Control, pulse, positives, Revolve, evolve, and… Let go CHORUS: It's in me, forgive me But I am not guilty (3x) It's in me, forgive me But I am not guilty Yet filthy, enrichment Is my entrapment Just give me a damn hint Into the enlightenment And please make it God sent Misery loves company Yes this is what they tellin’ me Now you can say I'm lonely, the only But this world will not own me Me or my tongue Thinking I'm young. Think I Am Young. My thoughts will still surpass thee If not here after catch thee Doubt me. Proudly, I'll silently surprise he Her or whomever. I'll die to be better Clever. Livin’ light as a feather Forever. How could I ever… As a feather forever How could I ever CHORUS My. Heart beats for this rhyme Should this rip really, really be a crime Trip cost a dime, in due time Blood flows for this loop, hoop Livin inked in this coop, cooped up in this world Give it up, to who? You? No No go! Til this whole this blew Blow every last lobe Frontal, Parietal, Occipital, Temporal Fucking need to dismantle This whole entire mandible To stop me, until then There will be no end Thank thee Jay Z Who one day taught me Though it was Mommy Who in this life brought me This voice Gave me This choice CHORUS It's in me, forgive me But I am not guilty

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