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Better America

Album: The Art of F.L.O.W.






Talking: (poem) poverty is a mind struggle created to destroy so many drop-outs and so many end up unemployed people are allergic to success thinkin the ghetto is artistic the government is pessimistic, we just joinin' statistics poisonous to the law, they use prison as a cure and they wonder why we end up ignorant and immature pushin' coke to make ends with products hotter than sanas failing piss tests cuz you stay high off marijuana we'll end up extinct, our species is endangered cuz instead of followin instinct, we act on anger we put ourselves in danger and we end up deceased so many years of runnin' from police and never gettin' released but i'm here to bring peace, i survive in disaster and they'll always end up behind cuz i continue to run faster i won't be destroyed, i should re-create the poverty mission fuck the government, cuz i prove i can out-smart the system bring to you reality for just one second if you understand real, this is one real record i just want to get serious for one damn minute readin' history of slavery and damn we still in it embedded in the laws of the government enforced by the people who chose to govern it, yeah they lovin' it developed a glass ceiling with black people under it the only reason why they still enforce capital punishment it's legal murder, destroying blacks, considered the norm and when we kill each other, we're' doin' their job for 'em i hate to say it, racism is still alive and well instead of whips and chains, they usin bars and cells they plead insanity to the questions that they be askin' them black person does the same crime, and gets the maximum now where's the justice at? i mean it's just a fact your innocence is determined by if you're white or black... Dreams! For a better America Don’t just sit there, Apart, this is tearin’ us They will take the land that’s directly up under us Stand tall, fight strong all that we got is US! the world is full of hatred, progress procrastinated and though Obama made it, he’s still very much hated because the color of his skin, not because of changes but it’s gon’ stay the same, cuz they don’t wanna change it can’t be oblivious the fact that racism exists and theres some people that still think that ignorance is bliss get up and make a difference, I’m not suppressed by limits yes we’ve come a long way, but it’s still the beginning open your eyes, this is something that you need to see they will oppress you and tell you just who you need to be and eventually, we’ll be history cuz our destiny is all predetermined the world is full of Hitlers, black is the new German I’m not over sensitive or whatever bullshit you make up You just need to wake up, look at the different pay cuts The public knowledge, the limitations The silent bigotry of low expectations It’s all right there in your face, face it, I challenge you to change it Just don’t take it cuz this shit is crazy Dreams! For a better America Don’t just sit there, Apart, this is tearin’ us They will take the land that’s directly up under us Stand tall, fight strong all that we got is US! Struggling just to make it, we’re the monsters you created Think that I’m throwed off, by my imagination Maybe hallucination, this ain’t exaggeration All due to segregation, with higher education Man, I’m just gettin’ startin, ‘scuse me, I beg your pardon Cuz we gotta Stand tall for the Trayvon Martins Gotta be Stronger than before, this ain’t a fight, it’s a war They give a shit if you rich, don’t give a fuck if you poor They got us thinking it’s okay to live a lie in fallacy This ain’t nothing new, open your eyes to the reality… yeah

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