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Last of its Kind






Indie-Pop song by The Venns. If you enjoy, please feel free to share our music and links on social media. The Venns appreciates your support. (c) 2015. The Venns

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Oh (2x) I’ll be somebody someday Gonna pay my dues Gonna do it the hard way. Gonna walk on edge of the line And I’ll be just fine Yeah I’ll be just fine. My daddy had a good, hard life Living like each day was the last of its kind Gonna make it my own way 'Matter what they say If it’s the last I do. And I say CHORUS Oh Got a moment Take it up right Oh Don’t be afraid to put up a fight Go driving that highway Make it go my way Live each day like the last of its kind Yeah driving that highway Make it go my way And I say Yeah I say Oh Oh I don’t wanna look back And feel like I didn’t do all I could To make the most of what I got And make this life be something good. ‘Cause it’s a long shot But it’s a damn far cry from impossible. You know, I want a big life, If it’s a hard life At least I did the best that I could. CHORUS BRIDGE You can't stop me 'Cause I'm invincible. (4x) CHORUS Oh (4x) (c) The Venns. 2015

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