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Ride Like Hell






Billy’s been spinning his wheels all summer Billy’s biting off more than he can chew Running from the law Billy’s burning rubber every night Blows em all away 69 Charger barely street legal 400 horses pinnin the needle start your engine time to ride like hell ride like hell Julie's sitting next to him unlucky at love Just another fix she’s got to get herself out of Bet your bottom dollar where he goes she's gonna follow going all the way Julie is something sitting there stunnin She feels the heat Billy doesn't know is coming come on Billy Time to Ride like Hell Just up the other side of the road You can see the dust flyin up By the over pass on the next hill You can smell the cops comin After a trunk full of something that he shouldn't be haulin 100 kilos of something bad Knotted together with a dynamite fuse Racing all the way to the Mexican border Gas is runnin out but they're feeling all right Pedal to the metal and on the dashboard is the Devil smiling one last time Round the clock roadblock, a hundred Federale high power rifles lining the valley Gun the engine Grip the wheel It's time to ride like hell

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