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Evil Flamingo

Album: Through Glass Eyes
At Dawn's Edge






The inspiration for the song came from a feeling of bittersweetness. Alex, the guitarist of At Dawn's Edge, and main composer/lyricist of this particular track, believes every action is both consequential and enlightening, which can bring about a lot of doubt. It’s that doubt and tension that was explored in this song, mixing darker moments with uplifting ones, melodically and lyrically.

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As I lay, awake Can't seem to stop Can't seem to understand the light of my dying day As I breathe When I should be Resting in the dark- ness of my home, forever more, below An illness grew inside 'Till my last cadence, my last sigh A silent gaze , for you closed your eyes For my life Oh, why's this void weighing me inside When I've your heart keeping me alive How does it puppeteer, pull tight on heaven’s door? Austere, a jester’s hand dictating your curtain close What will I do? Where must I go? Your grace could pave a better path Than my erratic, child's wisdom I don't understand Why am I in the dark I'm so alone, though I've kept you close I don’t understand But now I start to see What you have meant for me To find, this light That drifts me to the sea It allows me to be My only guide, no higher bind And now I start to see Your intent in me: To make my own surmise in life Oh why? Closed your eyes instead of mine, And I've your heart keeping me alive. This void's weighing me inside When I've your heart keeping me alive.

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