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Price You Gotta Pay (To Make The Pain Go Away)

Album: DEMO
Larry Funk






Hard driving, brutally honest little tune dealing with some of the crap that goes on in todays "spreadsheet driven" corporate environment, and the quest to make it not hurt so bad. ;-)

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Price You Gotta Pay (to make the pain go away) Another Monday mornin' meetin', everybody tries climbin' that ladder right before your eyes spittin' out the words that they're supposed to say straight from the memo that came yesterday doesn't even matter if it's right or if it's wrong fact or fiction or even the right lyrics to the song long as everyone agrees to agree no contradiction or you're history Tuesday mornin' meetin' and it's more of the same feels like your head will explode if you keep playin' this game common sense has turned it's tail and scooted out the door and logic is lying there dead on the floor bite your tongue so hard you know it's gonna bleed but you can't say nothin' or your're the bad seed Wednesday there's demons dancin' in your head and Thursday, can't even make it out of bed Friday rolls around and you're thinkin' what's the use you're world's goin' to Hell and you got nothin' to lose open the bottle let the demons loose fueled by the fire of the golden juice next thing you know ... it's outta control you're down on your knees beggin' for your soul room starts spinnin' and the voices say, sometimes ..... that's the price you gotta pay to make the pain go away **************** Another Monday mornin' meetin' and you're standin' all alone in front of that man sittin' high on the throne number's in the columns ain't lookin' good for you question is ... what the hell you gonna do you got the memo with the words you're supposed to say and the way you're supposed to act and the game you're supposed to play well game over, time is finally on your side hit the rule of 85 and it's time for you to slide Friday rolls around ...................... Copyright 2015 L Funk

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