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You for Christmas

Album: A Karmina Christmas, with bells on!






Sometimes all you want for Christmas is for your loved ones to return home because they're the ones who make the season magical. "You for Christmas" is a song about missing those loved ones during the holidays.

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Verse: It's bright when it's dark Cuz your light glows inside of me I'm warm in the snow Cuz I know you'll come back to me Chorus: And this is the season and you are the reason I'm waiting and missing and all that I'm wishing is You for Christmas, you for Christmas We're keeping a promise, we're keeping it honest It's hard but it's worth it, I hold on because I get You for Christmas, you for Christmas Verse: I wish on a star Though it's far you can see it too And I hang mistletoe where I know I'll be kissing you Chorus Bridge: Day, day, day, I count to December Feels like I'm waiting forever Bells ring, they call to remind you That you've got so much to come home to Chorus

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