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My 'Lil Secret


Have you ever had a 'lil secret crush? Or maybe you were the crush and you didn't know it? Watch this funny music video by rising star Jackson Young and pick which one you are! Voted #1 in the nation by Playboy Magazine! Enjoy "My 'Lil Secret"... mmhmm!

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My lil secret I got a crush on you baby I always wonder if you feel the same, and My lil secret is I dream about you lady Even though you don't even know my name I'm thinkin' always Mmm mmm (pretty woman) Mmm mmm (walk this way) Mmm mmm yyeeee yeah My lil secret I wanna slip in a letter Damn I so wanna text it to your phone, cause My lil secret is I wanna get to know you better I'm thinking sexy maybe spend some time alone And I wanna tell you so mmm mmm ( yes my place) mmm mmm (let's go) mmm mmm yeeee yeah Girl, every time I see you I wanna say hi But I'm so shy I wanna tell you what I feelin... But for now you're my, my... Lil secret that's so damn foxy With red ruby lips perfectly made, and My lil secret is I'd be your play boy baby Oh! You're hazel eyes drive my poor heart insane Every time I wanna say mmm mmm ( anything you want) mmm mmm (you got it baby) mmm mmm yeeee yeah If you feel me, let me hear ah say! Mmm mmm (that's right) Mmm mmm (all night) Mmm mmm yeeee yeah Lets do a lil Oooo ooo Oooo ooo Mmm mmm yyeeee yeah A shout out to all you sexy lil secrets Especially at The university of Houston mmh Mmm mmm Mmm mmm Mmm mmm yeee yeah And my lil secret ha ha...

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