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Black and White


My song for humanity.

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Black and White (Long Version) I dream of times not long ago When life was good and life was slow Where in the day we earned our pay The streets were still at night When families grouped to hear a show In front of just a radio We only knew a certain few With TV’s black and white I hear the tales of family past They lived each day as if their last They crossed the sea for liberty In search of human rights The pictures like their faces bear A wrinkle here, a hard day there In awe I see my family In photos black and white CHORUS: Black and white Are the colors of my dreams Black and white Are the threads that stitch our fabric at the seams Black and white Tell our history, our destiny, our plight On a planet that revolves from day to night Like black and white The nights belong to rival gangs With little hope of better things They guard their turf, their piece of earth For every inch they fight The sirens roar, the bullets spray And those who cannot get away They take a ride handcuffed inside An auto black and white It seems today it’s hard to say What’s right or wrong, the zone is gray You’re innocent if you have spent Enough to prove you right Why can’t we live like years gone by It seems that we don’t even try Our ethics were not such a blur The rules were black and white (Repeat Chorus) The color of a person’s skin Will never tell the heart within If color blind, think we would find We’re very much alike But races war, dear souls are lost We vow revenge at any cost Let’s all forgive so we can live Together black and white And as I sing this simple song The many parts that play along They join to be a symphony One common goal in sight The ebony and ivory They co-exist in harmony I’m proud to say I only play A keyboard black and white (Repeat Chorus) I dream of times not long ago

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