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The Music

Album: You Can't Fight City Hall




Alternative Hip-Hop


I 1st heard the instrumental from one of my followers on SoundCloud which was a remake done by Kodak to Graph of Andrea Moonchild's work entitled "Work the Middle." The instrumentation & sounds used were so unique & rich that I decided to write about music as an entity- what it does, how it makes you feel & the influence it has over everyday lives.

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1st verse. The music influence the flow of my soul. Your driven by the tempo while the vocal mind control. I hover stratosphere, peep 'em checkin' out my cape but my flight is from the music that my genius creates. When hear is feel, feel is hear you listen & embrace. Get it? Listen & embrace. How I, metaphor with grace. But you already know, now the music takin' over. Tipsy off my melody you never seein' sober. I'm the clover 4 leaf to perception, connection, inception. A dream state, it feels great like sexin.' I gve it all I have. Mozart or go home. Make Big & Pac proud & Michael Jackson in the zone Like they formulate a clone, but original his own. I model only greatness cause the greats are never gone. The live forever on, thank God for the music. A voice for all to tune in, with flow thats never losing. Bridge. The sound, the groove & drum you can feel it. One with the sound so I listen & obey. The voice, the mood & soul of the music. High off the ground off the loud & I'm a stay. 2nd Verse. I'm always off the ground when I wear my headphones. A house without the music, to me is a dead home. We live with pain insane so the music novacaine. When the day is full of rain the right song'll bring the rays. Thats the truth, without the wrist slap on Phillip-Morris. They love make to me when I missionary chorus. Emotion in the melody & soul in all my writin' Brilliance every record, Ben Franklin with his lightnin.' Song writin' so excitin, every line is never slackin.' Every hot 16 is tellin' Zeus release the Kraken. Make it happen, I'm the action of the camera when it flashes. I'm the pheonix from the ashes rep the voices of the masses I'nm professor of the class that taught ya mama class. Yeah swag is in the past, leave my Jordan in ya ass. The music makes you fight, the music makes you love. The music makes it right for any mood & thats wassup. Bridge... 3rd Verse. Thats word to Emmanuel, Saniah & Alexis. I'll forever be immortal long as music is infectious. Possess it, inject it, accept it, reflect it. My music just sexy said the ladies who inspect it So to them i stay connected & my dudes that bob they heads. Those that hold they hammer close & appreciate my pen. I will never stop writing, only then I lose my health. If it wasn't for the music, your mind'll lose itself.

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