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Find My Way Home






A jam from last Saturday night. Donnie(drums) played a hand drum and his kit with his hands and his foot on the kick. I wrote and sang the words after the live recording. The Hounds Stan Gadziola (Gadzooks) guitar, vocals, mix Rob George (Gearhead) bass, designated driver Donnie MacNeil (Basement) drums, beer

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So much to do with so little time last chance to re-boot my this aging mind try and stop smoking when i drink try and stop dreaming when i think last midnight I drove for a while no intentions of coming home started seeing visions and I wasn’t even stoned my glasses glazed over like a steam covered mirror I flung them off but couldn’t see any clearer pulled over to the side of the road closed my eyes and let myself go stuck in a place I don’t want to be somewhere hours away i’ll be waking up to my destiny something wonderful about the idea of being alone don’t mean lonely I’ve always got my phone something great about a backroad at night music cranked windows cracked You just know everything is going to be alright I can still taste the scotch on my tongue I can feel the adrenaline from being on the run get this urge to pick up and disappear but for some strange reason I keep ending up back here woke up after 2 days my shirt still had the smell of smoke looking around stuck in this town slowly getting choked years gone by feel like a dream watching myself get older from behind a screen So I look at the day through clouds of hope memories lost will i ever find my way home

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