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SHUT IN / Trilobytes




Alt. Rock


This is a melodic, fast-paced alt rock tune with lyrics about relusivity and that cycle we can get into where we don't leave our house...

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Shut In It’s 3 am and here’s the same old scene Blue lit from my PC screen, looking for some news to read Facebook posts on how I’ve been, most of them are lies weaved so small. The world has gone to hell but we ignore, that’s what sports and stars are for. Convinced that peace will come from war, convinced that Jesus minds the store, And sells big dreams that will never fall. Chorus What is that sound I hear, midnight is drawing near on the doomsday clock That girl you want to date, no need to hesitate (That dream you left behind, you joined the daily grind but) it’s the final scene and you should live your dreams I have not met the sunlight as of late, locked inside behind the gate shades are drawn I’m sleeping late Roommate making sure I ate, then off to work and I’m here alone. When you 1st left me I was doing fine, told myself it’s for the best, that we needed time and rest Soon I got out less and less, and now it’s been a year in my home Bridge Swollen hearts – will break in time, One day soon These shades will draw, the world will see I’ll step outside and face my pride full on.

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