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Final Fantasy






This is my remix of 'Terra's Theme' from Final Fantasy VI, one of the absolute best classic jrpgs of all time. It was produced in FLStudio 20. Wrote some fitting lyrics for this one (scroll down to find them), and Oliviya Nicolova did the vocals. Hope you like it, and it will be on Spotify shortly.

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A new adventure looms, on the horizon. With your sword in hand, you're realizing. A Final Fantasy, anew forever. And you know, it's time to go. So the Falcon flies, to Crescent Mountain. Through the Baren Falls. to healing fountains. Deep in Dragon's Den, and ancient castles. And he knows. He's getting close. You and Terra land, an eerie fallow. In the glowing haze, you see a shadow. And there your foe appears. A magi blazing. It must be done. You are the one. And the falcon flies. And he knows, he's getting close. It must be done. You are the one.

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