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River Goes Up

Album: River Goes Up
Lubomir Rzepka






"River Goes Up" is a song about coming to terms with certain realities of life. It is The Missouri Pacific's most rock-oriented tune to date, playing with heavier sounds that build throughout and culminate in a rugged instrumental finish.

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And you brought out the dog/ And you felt sometimes like even that just wasn't enough/ Cause you felt you weren't moving, it was a secret you never gave air/ You'd take him for laps round the cul de sac/ Not quite getting anywhere/ And you pulled the trigger, when you found that it was time/ You'd be damned if that pup had to go in a strangers hands or in mine/ and the river goes up, and it will drag you under as it always does/ But not one of us is sold on these breaths and these bones and these histories we've been told / you say, "What's with the pity? When you all feel the same? Though some may tell their sorrows and others will take theirs to the grave,/ Yeah the most we can hope for is a living epitaph There's no triumph in this heart no place that goes and calls you back."/ But the river goes up, and it will drag you under as it always does

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