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Crazy (Acoustic)




I wrote this song a few years ago, and then altered it a bit on the fly today while I was recording it. It's basically one of those relationship stories of a guy going from a less than wonderful girl to finding his soulmate. The last chorus finishes it up with some insightful thoughts about how we can sometimes let others dictate our emotions, (in this case it’s the guy referring to the first girl) when really our true identity doesn't come from what people think about us.

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Well I tried to behonest, the truth couldn't see me through, All the lies and the deceptions, flowing out of you, Now I'm picking up the pieces of all my shattered dreams I was always believing what could never be, Was I crazy, was I crazy for you? Turn the table take my place, would you like to feel all the torment that I go through, and the wounds that haven't healed. And don't you try to rob me, of everything I've gained SInce the day you pulled up to the curb, left me standing in the rain I was crazy, I was crazy, to be with you I was crazy, I was crazy to be with you About a year ago I met a girl, her heart was pure and sweet She had blodish hair her skin was fair so I took her out to eat Makes me feel like I'm a person, not an item on her shelf Says she loves the way that I make her laugh And she lets me be myself Now I'm crazy, oh I'm cray about her I know I'm crazy, yes I'm crazy about her Well some people can be merciless and others can be real Don't let the ones with issues dictate how you feel Don't bite your lip or hold your tongue, you need to let it go Cause in the end this is the life you lead don't hold back anymore Dont you hold back, don't you hold back, anymore

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