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Album: High In the SkA






"Honest" is a song that deals with the admission of doing wrong and wanting to do right.

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i often open up another page without finishing the thing i started. here, i start to write another book; i don't even have a pen, don't know where to look. and sometimes i'm just in the mood, and other days i got a bad attitude. and here i run when i'm in seventh gear when haven't walked in first since yester-year. so i stop right there i know where to go. i think that you're the one that i'm looking for. i haven't talk to you again since the last time i needed you again. will you still be there for me? i know you're tired of every apology. yet, everytime i think i'm ready to change, i go back to who i was, and then i stay the same. tonight, i gonna be my best to be honest. i'm pouring my heart to you; i don't know how, or have a clue to be honest... i just want to be honest... i've just got to be i'm not the first one to realize i've got too many things that's on my mind. when you look at me, what do you see? do see who i am, or who i'm supposed to be? i'm not the last one to figure out that life ain't 'bout what's easier now. everything i want, it's gotta take time, but everything i need, God will provide!

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