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They Ask Why

By: Phenom




A in depth look in the mind of a hip hop emcee.

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Last call in this shit no more drinks up in this shit curtain closing in this shit so its best you make a wish cuz dis star is leaving now and you only get one so it best you make it count i'm marry to this game so its time i write my vows i swear that i will always be the man who i am now and if i ever change i'm sorry that i let you down but this not a cop out but so many have sell out for the cars and clothes they always rap about and the stadiums they pack cuz they always selling out but their souls are kinda tarnish i don't wanna take that route i jus wanna be me and i'm hoping that they feel me middle finger if they dont cuz in the end i am still me no movie no script when i spit you get the real me every sin injures my soul hope the heavens plan to heal me (hope the heavens plan to heal me) and he bless with a woman that is not impress with louie but the devil wants me dead so hold me tighter when you do me love me on this bed like halle did him in that movie cuz we always worked it out La Fitness and pilate Realest nigga doin it, I put that shit on everything, and if we have a child, I will put him over everything, cuz I remember then, I was on the other end, no father figure present that was there to help me win, and I held on to resent, to his very last breath but now he dead and gone I just wish his soul best but the pain it live on put a hurting on my chest but it always makes you strong cuz it didn't kill you just yet in life you pass or flunk cuz living just a test your soul goes down or up betta pick what side of fence some days I'm feeling fucked but I make it out this mess some days I called it luck but I should've called it blessed and if we have son and i'm not there to see him win you make sure that you tell him to love that skin he in they're women and their bitches let him know the difference tell him speak up cuz God will always listen and his daddy was a soldier and his rags brought you riches keep him in the suburbs but show him off to Brooklyn neva tuck his tail in survival of the fittest and family comes first cuz thats what being rich is no shape up in a month don't ask me why i got dis suni or why i call my niggas niggas no offense to moony we still killing each other, hard for me to call us brothers besides the way we use it represents a common struggle and half of us are boys growing up with only mothers the other half well off but somewhere forgot the others bougie, ghetto, ignorant, if not one than its another they learn to fight and kill but they do it to each other (another half is doing god knows what under these covers but thats another subject one that not worth the discussion hope these rhymes are hitting hope you feel like it like percussion money root of evil how the hell in God we trust it) some will go to church but the bible they won't touch it some will cop these guns and surely they will buss it they listen to the music and base it with their choices in the end its only foolish just lead early corpses You gotta feel me with these rhymes, you hear it every time, I am so far so gone, like drizzy in his prime, now it fears me in mind, I'm growing weary with the time, with a crisis mid life and I'm shy of 25, even if you pick it time is neva on ya side, so you could try to kill it but it's neva homicide, cuz it will keep on going even after you expire, but your music will live on so make sure it is your life, and not jus something thT you thought the listeners will buy, cuz what they often download chances slim that they will buy I don't do it for the pay, I do it for the pain, hoping it will go away, if it write it on this page, but it don't neva does, not even fade away, even if you don't give a fuck, it will always find a way, and yes it will blow up and it will do it in your face, and you gotta smile it off, cuz it hurt too much to say too many mothers at these wakes, too many fathers locked upstate its like our future fucked but i hate to call it fate drugs is all they eva knew so they had to move that weight teacher said they was a fool cuz they neva made that grade now they dropping out of school so they could get a bigger chain making d-boy moves to get that d-boy fame until they cross a hata path that surely wants the same quickest way is in his pockets now I another brother slain

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