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Official Music Video, "Way About Ya"




Hannah Miller's first Official Music Video featuring "Way About Ya" from her new EP, "Journey to the Moon" buy it at

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Well the world might be coming to an end right outside my door its all right I'll be fine, I've been through worse before and the man might be callin my name, trying to drag me off to war but i'm not answering, no nothing but love anymore ooh you gotta way about ya baby ooh a way of taking trouble off my mind ooh i don't ever wanna live without ya baby oh wont you stay, stay for a while this life sometimes its hard to understand all the mysteries and miseries and the changes to the plan i've still got a lot to learn got a long way to go but right now in your hands, all i really know bridge: for a while can we just hide away for a while leave our troubles for another day for a while baby please say you'll stay

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