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Wedding Cake

Album: Songs in the Back
Patrick W McHenry






Here's a pop country that's about to get stuck in your head people! This song is about two people taking the plunge and gettin' hitched. The narrator is ready to put it all away just have the person of their dreams, forsaking family, money, job, etc. It's one of THOSE love songs.

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I almost died when you said you love me I almost cried when I popped that question now all my life is ok yknow that girl is alright, alright And I don't care what your momma thinks, cuz I'm gonna marry you marry you anyways And I don't care what my bank says, there ain't no amount of money keeping you away from me, and this is what I pray I say, Hey won't you be my wife, we can run away and get out of sight away from all the people and our family who say it ain't ever gonna work out right I said Hey won't you think it through, cuz all I wanna do is eat Wedding Cake with you, that's all I wanna do right now Now it's time, to walk down that aisle with your hand in mine and say our vows together girl you shine, the most beautiful star in my sky, alright I didn't have time to buy a ring, but I hope that true love speaks for me And I don't know where we gonna live, but I know that the good Lord takes care of his kids, and this is what I say chorus repeat

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