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Tre' Mars - Nostalgia

Album: Peace, Love, & Life
Tre' Mars






[Verse 1] I was young Sittin reminiscing and what im missing is gone On a mission wishing that infinite isnt long And a song written is different if you're lost And the feelings ain't involved im evolved And im feeling it because I Have a passion if you lack it imma pass Was in the past packing practice now im winning it all Cold raps they hold heat folded in my pocket Open it with no key lowkey lets lock it The worlds vision of hope is gone drift again Go go get it and grow ya own dividends Appearing innocent in it living for cent again Turned to the violence, why try and go kill again Imma stay silent Word to my sentences Period im ending it praying imma pave a way, way out of dimensions man Im proud you're listenin And when i land you can plan to pay to visit it [Hook] Reminisce on the stress we cause But don't stress because We gonna rest it off and then I tell em x3 Wake up x4 Its just a relapse x4 (baby) Reminisce on the love we lost But don't judge us all So go dose it off and imma Tell em x4 Wake up x4 Its just a relapse x4 (baby) [Verse 2] Reminiscing on the stress we cause but don't stress because The stress wrecks us all so go rest it off Nevertheless exploring the world riding the tour as a pilot Just to assure im the flyest The flow sicker than hepatitis Impressive when learning lessons minus the guidance Minds guided to light enlightened when im the brightest My arts the highest, Authorize im often writing; arms wrist - arthritis I want a piece of peace, love, and life in the slightest of treats Living life as alive as I can be even trying to be a feature And the pain goes slice me at the ankles Still liable to defeat ya I'd rather greet ya tell ya that im thankful that your listenin Vistin a vision i created Reminiscing either way I'll be the greatest Even if it's just the way that imma make it [Hook]

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