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House of Glass


Contemporary/Soft Rock


I co-wrote and recorded this song in Nashville, TN with Don Somerville and Michael Lee, and performed this song at 12th & Porter in Nashville, TN. This is an upbeat song about relationships that many can relate to today.

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I hear you been runnin' your mouth Making me the word all around town You got nothin' better to do Than to spend your time trying to bring me down I guess that it wasn't enough That you had my heart completely Now I'm standing here with all my stuff And the whole world sees me What were you thinking CHORUS: All I feel is emptiness And I must confess I never thought this could happen to me 'Cause when we close the door I wanted nothing more than my space and my privacy But now I understand That you're not a man - you're just a boy who's pretending to be Oh - Oh because of you I'm a girl in a house of glass Oh - Oh because of you I'm just a girl in a house of glass. Is it too much for you Just to mind your own business You dared to tell the truth But all you've done is just created a mess It's out of control And it's eatin' me alive inside 'Cause you bared my soul There's nothing left for me to hide What were you thinking CHORUS: BRIDGE: What you've done I can't undo All I know is I'm so through with you It's the agony of deceit You're so gone – delete CHORUS: Words and Music by: Michael Lee/Don Somerville/Michala Todd Copyright – 2009 Ultra Lounge Music/SESAC/Bell Hughes Music Group/APRA/Crystal Teardrop Music/SOCAN/Michala Todd Music/SOCAN

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