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Not Your Reason




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


I wrote "Not Your Reason" for every woman that has ever experienced abuse, whether physical or mental. It was written from a woman's point of view and is carried by the raw and moving piano and vocal recording. (Written and Recorded in Nashville, TN).

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Not Your Reason VERSE 1 You pour another drink and place the blame on me for all your mistakes One more might just ease the pain one more might just drink me away But I got news for you my friend I’m not the lies inside your head I’m not the words you say to me I’m not the ugliness you see Cause you’re my love my favorite treat you’re the addiction I just can’t beat I see you and all you can be when will you see me CHORUS I’m not the reason you get upset or all the excuses why you left I’m not the reason that you run away and hide like you do I’m not the reason you explode over the little things you can’t control I’m not the reason that you hang your head an dcry like you do I am not the hate in you VERSE 2 I wish you would just wake up and see that I am not your enemy Pick your battles a little bit more wise to see me standing by your side Cause I loved you since the day we met and every moment since you left I see you and all you can be when will you see me CHORUS BRIDGE I can’t go where you have gone I got no more fight left in me I gave you space when you told me to leave now you’ve gone somewhere that I can’t reach You say I wouldn’t act the way I did if you didn’t push me over the edge It’s how you say the things you do it’s all your fault I yelled at you

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