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This is a true story about one man's faith against all odds to accomplish what he set out to do.

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“TWO COPPER PENNIES” “ NARRATION “ One day the Lord spoke to me. And this is what He said, I have chosen you… to build me a church My sheep… need to be fed. Lord … I have no money. And I’m just one old man. How can I build you a church… with theses two feeble hands? The Lord said; don’t you worry about the money; You put your two cents in. This church will be built, upon a rock… And not, upon the sand. Well I ponder all this in my heart. Just how could this thing be? And why did the King of Glory Choose a poor old man like me? So I called upon my brother… before it all began, I had hopes... that he would want to help, And that he would join in. So I told him about what the Lord had said; And would he lend a helping hand? Then he tossed me one old penny And said; build it with this….if you can? With those discouraging words I didn’t know what to do. But the very same day… while at play My little grandson came running through. Here’s a penny Pa… I found it in the dirt. You take this new penny Pa, Because your… gonna build a church. They say Faith can move mountains Well faith moved me that day. With two little copper pennies, The Lord… showed me the way. One was given in faith and the other given in doubt. But with just two little copper pennies… God brought it all about.

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