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Americana / Alt Country


Gritty blues-americana-rock song about a tumultuous relationship that layers thump with groove and touch of twang. This song demonstrates Chris James and the Showdowns ability to serve up a catchy song while showcasing the virtuosity of the musicians within each solo break

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Pouring my heart out, wear my feelings on a sleeve There’s only so many ways to say please, please, please, Please, Please. Please, cut me a break, let me loose, set me free I know it hurts and that’s only because it’s true We always see things from a different point of view And it drives us crazy Crazy, it drives us crazy… So many times I’ve wondered why you’re holding on The way you talk it’s like you’d rather see me gone Gone, gone, gone, talking a walk, moving out, moving on Whatever happened to the love in your eyes It was there one day and gone in the night There was a time when we called eachother baby This falling in and out of love is driving us crazy Crazy

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