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Voice of an American man

Album: Voice of an American Man




I lost my Papaw a few years back and being a veteran myself along with other family members who served over seas and some who were lost in combat I thought there should be a song that just reflects what's "really" on a soilders mind. I hope this song touches a part of your soul and most importantly represents "our voice" . God bless those who serve on the battle field and back here at home being the mothers and fathers and family and friends of our soilders.

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The voice of an American man Written by Jackson Young & Ashley Jean Brown Verse 1 There’s a lot that goes through your mind When a man lays it on the line Like I hope to kiss my kids and wife An ice cold beer would sure be nice I sure miss my fishin hole Mama’s cookin’ and praisin’ the lord And if I die it’s with no regret My families proud of who I am The heart of an American The voice of an American man Verse 2 These combat boots on my feet Sometimes feel like they’re bigger than me Got a rifle that I shoot well But I pray to God I won’t see that hell Believe every man has a voice Every heart has a choice You decide what kind you’ll be You’ll live the life of destiny The belief of an American The voice of an American man Bridge When you see that yellow ribbon Honk your horn or shake their hand To say thanks to them and you’ll pray This is the way of an American Verse 3 The sand don’t feel like the Georgia clay But I’ll be goin’ back home some day In a pine box or medal on my chest Mom and Dad will know I did my best A soldier’s life ain’t easy ya see Riskin lives so we can be free The duty of an American The voice of an American man Tag So tonight America sleep in peace We protect the land of the free Bein all we can be The promise of an American The voice of an American man

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