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Competitions and Opportunities for December 2007

Prizes History
Mentor session with Curt Smith
1 high-ranking music artist will be selected for a one-on-one mentoring session with Curt Smith of Tears for Fears, who have sold over 20 million albums worldwide throughout their 25-year career.
Enter by December 22, 2007
The winning artist will be selected by Curt Smith; all high-ranking artists from the Music Channels in December will be eligible to win. Prizes will be awarded according to the OurStage monthly competition terms and conditions: No additional expenses covered.

Artist Competitions

Yqxgmxsfynce Mentor Session with Curt Smith
Yqxgmxsfynce Track Mix by Tim Palmer
Erombkifhxip $5,000 December Grand Prize
Erombkifhxip $50 December Regional Prize
Erombkifhxip 0
Xqwevldilmdo Noise Pop 2008 Performance
Erombkifhxip $100 December Channel Prize
Xjvdbpfrxdcw PLUG Awards 2008 Performance
Yqxnsxseyrtq Paste Spotlight Winner
Yqxnsxseyrtq Paste CD Sampler Spot
Tpmnxmebosdk $5,000 College Clash Grand Prize
Ibskyjvdxcir Daytrotter Artist Spotlight
Ibskyjvdxcir Daytrotter Recording Session
Numpbdwwiigs Open Labs MiKo LX Keyboard
Erombkifhxip EJ Interview
Tpmnxmebosdk Performance at College Clash
Tpmnxmebosdk $500 College Clash Prize
Rzrhgvyhbzdy JLSC/Sponsor Prize Pack
Upmbdcggmgks DashGo Distribution Campaign
Svidpvovxsyh Noise Pop Podcast Spotlight
Jobytzqmtawl We Are Listening Competition Entry
Fkczrzlchoee Unsigned, The Magazine Spotlight
Wufsqvsuspji Mentor Session with Ken Weinstein
Yqxgmxsfynce Mentor Session with Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden
Yqxgmxsfynce Day on the Set with Marcos Siega
Lyvoavtryrnk Slamdance Screening
Tpmnxmebosdk BC Ethic Performance Wardrobe
Erombkifhxip $100 December Channel Prize
Tpmnxmebosdk nimbit Retail & Merchandise Production
Erombkifhxip EJ Interview
Erombkifhxip 0
Erombkifhxip $5,000 December Grand Prize
Erombkifhxip $50 December Regional Prize
Xqwevldilmdo Noise Pop 2008 Film Festival Screening
Yumdnhqrrflp Film Racing Grand Prix Audience Prize
Yqxnsxseyrtq Paste Video Spotlight
Bflfanjchwfr The DV Show Spotlight
Rzrhgvyhbzdy JLSC Godin Guitar
Ehesnidfcxsa Ghettoblaster Spotlight
Ayckvvvkyczo Film Fresh Film Club Subscription
Jobytzqmtawl We Are Listening Competition Entry
Genfsmbyygsl Shooting People Membership
Rzrhgvyhbzdy John Lennon Songwriting Contest Entry
Hfyminptlhqw Back Stage Blog Feature
Svidpvovxsyh Mentor Session with Kevin Arnold
Svidpvovxsyh Noise Pop Artist Spotlight
Avrdfzrmhzos BC Ethic Performance Wardrobe
Frdnzifgtmad Ann Arbor Film Festival Screening
Hfyminptlhqw Back Stage Spotlight
Hfyminptlhqw Back Stage Subscription
Bujbyjrdhzlq Healthy SC Catered Subway Lunch
Bujbyjrdhzlq Healthy SC Wal-Mart Gift Certificate
Bujbyjrdhzlq Healthy SC Coca-Cola prize pack
Surpkshsahdh San Francisco Independent Film Festival Screening
Bujbyjrdhzlq Healthy SC Cash Prize
Bujbyjrdhzlq Healthy SC Cash Prize
Bujbyjrdhzlq Healthy SC Challenge Grand Prize
Bujbyjrdhzlq Healthy SC Prize from Coca-Cola