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Competitions and Opportunities for October 2011

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The OurStage Panel
Want to be considered for The OurStage Panel? Create an Artist profile on and upload your best original song into any of the current competitions running this month. If the online community of Fans ranks your song within the Top 100 of any music channel, and if you have upgraded to Premium Membership by 10/31/11, you will automatically be in the running to be cast.

The OurStage Panel is a one-of-a-kind music industry documentary web series that takes viewers behind the scenes to hear the frank conversations between industry elite as they evaluate the talents of emerging artists. Moderated by Ben Campbell, the show features Lee Dannay, Sharon Dastur, Jason Ienner and Bruce Tyler, as they review songs and promotional materials by four high-ranking Premium OurStage Artists in each webisode.

The raw aesthetic of documentary filmmaking serves as the perfect backdrop to spotlight the views and opinions of industry experts who normally prospect new artists quietly behind the scenes. By making this process public for the first time, The OurStage Panel offers all aspiring artists the opportunity to hear how the "Majors" assess new artists and their songs. As each OurStage Artist's material is reviewed, both the individual artist and the viewing audience will be afforded insights that can help recording artists at-large better approach their craft.

Sixteen hopeful artists, featured each week in groups of four, will be in the running to win a game-changing opportunity. A performance video filmed in NYC by Emmy award-winning Director Mitchell Stuart, $5,000 in cash, a one-on-one mentorship with industry heavyweights and, ultimately, the chance to emerge from obscurity are at stake.

The OurStage Panel is a HQ Entertainment and OurStage, Inc. production and a Campbell-Tyler-Stuart original series creation.

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