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About Lokey Davis

Breaux Bridge, LA

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About Loke...Da Beginning:Lokey Davis Is One Of The Hottest, Young, Underground Rappers In The 337. He Has Been Writing Music Since He Was 8 Years Of Age. He Started Recording His Music On The Computer At The Age Of 13 And By That Time He Got Serious About Music. He Hooked Up With The Young Kingz Which Involved Neighborhood Relatives Jay Aka Lil Choppa And Brendon Aka Lil Iceberg. They Started Off Making Hits Such As "Vanilla & Chocolate" (Which Was Lil Choppa's Track) And Get Buck If You Got Nuts (Which Was Created By Lokey Davis) Just To Name A Few. He Started Recording In The Studio At The Age Of 14, Thanks To The Cousin Travis. The Young Kingz Grew Into A Group Of Six Members Which Was Lil Iceberg, Jay, Lokey Davis, La La, Young Carter, And Young Boo. The Group Was Hot For A Minute Until Finding A Place To Record Became A Factor And It Was Hard Because Some Group Members Had Trouble With Recording And Things Wasnt Working Out. As The Group Got Older Things Fell Out And People Was Focused On Other Things And Wasnt As Serious As Lokey Davis Thought They Were. And Young Kingz Fell Out Behind Some Other Issues. So Lokey Decided To Go Solo And Continue Writing His Own Music. So YNR Was Created Which Stands For Young-N-Reckless And It Involves The Same People Such As Lil Iceberg, Jay, Lokey Davis, La La, & Another Neighborhood Friend Was Added To YNR "Lion King". Between The Time Young Kingz Fell Out And When YNR Was Created Lokey Davis Improved His Skills A Lot. When He First Started Rappin He Wasnt The Best In The Group. He Got Better With Staying On Beat And Lyrics Got Better And His Uncle (Yun9blud) Showed Him What He Knew And Taught It To Him. So He Took The Opportunity To Learn And Used It To His Advantage. In The Summer Of 2008 Lokey Experienced Something That Would Make Him Not Want To Ever Pick A Pen And Pad And Write Music For The Rest Of His Life, It Was That Bad. He Recieved A Message Over The Website "Myspace" That Promised Him The Opportunity Of A Lifetime. It Promised Him A Opportunity To Perform A Song Him And Lil Iceberg Made "Make You Feel Brand New". He Got Caught In The Excitement And Wasnt Thinking Nothing Else Other Then "This Is My Chance". He Was Promised To Perform At The Midwest Music Festival. He Called His Mother And She Talked To The People. Their Names Was Robert Price And Tina Gold. Its Something He'll Never Forget. His Mother And Iceberg's Mother Call Them And They Payed For Everything And In The End It Came Out To Be A Scam. Lokey Was Devastated Over The Situation And Broke Down Because It Was The Opportunity Of A Lifetime And It Crushed His Dreams. He Felt Hopeless And Didnt Write A Good Song For 2-3 Months (And Thats Not Common). Even Though It Was Just 500 Dollars, Its The Simple Fact Of Messing With Someone's Dreams. After that Incident It Took Him A While To Shake Back But He Did And When He Did He Released Songs And Verses Like Never Before, Impressing People Who Said He Couldnt Rap And Proving Them Wrong. Now He's At His Best And Can Only Get BETTER And Thats A Fact. Some Of His Older Cousins Used To Tease Him About How He Couldnt Rap But He Never Gave Up, He Kept Rapping And Kept Rapping Until He Proved His Self To Them Even If It Would Be That Last Thing He'd Do. But Now He Thinks, Why Did He Try To Prove Something To Them, When Really All He Had To Do Was Prove To His Self That He Coud Do It And Become Better. As He's Getting Older He's Getting Wiser And Seeing Things From Another Perspective And Realizing Whats Real And Whats Fake, You Know The Old Saying "Real Eyes, Recognize Real Lies". Because He Was Once The Underdog, And Its Seems Now As If He's A Threat. Not A Threat As In A Bad Way, But You Know. And If You Dont Then Just Sleep On That.

Other Information Is:
Lokey The Name BKA Loke AKA iLOKE Aka Mr. Dope Di** (lol),... Calais/Davis/Bergeron Bloodline... Straight Up Off The Dump, Im Somethin Serious, Im Bad To The Bone, Im On Another Level, And Im Beyond Control.! October 17th The Cake Day.... Wanna Know My Age Ask Me Yourself.! Just Know That I'm A 90's Baby.! My Height Is 5'6. Yah Im A Lil Dude But Dont Let The Size Fool Ya, Ya Dig. Im In The 11th Grade Like Ya Feel Meh.?... The School:Cecilia High School.. Excuse My French Right Fast, But Fuck Friends, I Got My Fam You Know Dumb.! And I Do Have A Favorite Numba Which Is 8... I Tend To Have Mood Swings Sometimes. I Got A Confession To Make: "Ima Freak" lol I Could Be Very Random At Times.! lol I Love Music, What Would I Do Without It.? I Love Jammin Tupac, Tupac Ma Big Brother haha Naah He My Favorite Rapper Though. He Be Lookin Out For Me. Then Right Behind Behind Him Is Boosie. The Hood=POCHE BRIDGE.! [[I PUT ON]] And Free My Dawgs Thats Behind Bars, I Miss Yall Niggaz And Im Holdin It Down And Ima Rep. For Yall. Yall Schooled Me And Im Usin What Yall Taught Me, Other People Prolly Forgot Abot Yall But I Didnt And I GOT LOVE 4 YALL & Thats Real. Ima Thug It Out For Yall. Some People Dont Understand Why I Represent For My People Thats Behind Bars So Much Or They Go Say They Understand Where Im Comin From, But Yall Dont. And Ima Leave It At That.. So Yah Like Bouncing Back To The Topic...Let Me Mention I Dont Like To Talk Around A Crowd Of People That Im Unfamiliar With. So If Yall Ever See Me And Be Like "Why You Quiet.?" Now You Know. If You Play Me Once I'll Never Look At You The Same Again, Im Quick To Discard You Out The Picture. And This Doesnt Just Go To Females, To You Phony Homies Also...Speaking Of Females lol I Love Females I Couldnt Survive With Out Them But Who Can Other Then A Gay Person (Probably You lol), I LOVE Music. Speaking Of Music Check Out My Music Page I Like To Smile & Laugh, I Like To Hang Out.! I Like To Party, Have A Good Time, Go To The Studio, Flirt, Rap, Relax, Talk On The Phone, Text, Stay Up At Night, Push Myself, Cheesecake, Fact: Love Cherry Airheads, Like To Take Baths But Love Showers.! I Like Attention For Some Reason, I Dont Know Why. I Guess If Im Not Gettin The Attention That I Like I Feel Like Poopey lol Im Outgoin And Did I Mention I Like To Laugh lol... And Sometimes I Get Overly Excited, I Dont Know Why.? I Just Have My Moments OH YAH.! & I Like Being Short lol And Lets See What Dont I Like... I Dont Like Crooked Cops, I Dont Like People Who Talk And Dont Make Sense, I Dont Like To Get Touched In My Face Like People Playin In My Face And Just Wanna Touch Me I Dont Like That, I Dont Like When People Say They Go Stuff And They Dont Do It, I Dont Like To Be Around Loud Ignorant People, I Dont Like To Explainin Myself To Lames, I Dont Like Dudes That Be Crampin My Style Like Its All Good Thats What I Really Dont Like.! I Dont Really Like To Meet New People UNLESS Its A Female.! Uhh When Im Tellin The Truth And They Swearin Up And Down That Im Not, I Dont Like To Lose, I Dont Like Phony Homies BKA Fake Friends, People Who Dont Brush They Teeth, Private Phone Calls, Hypocrits, Gay People, Dudes That Act Like Girls, Dudes That Force Girls Into Doin Somethin They Dont Wanna Do, Dirty People, Messy People, People Who Think They Look Good But They Dont, I Dont Like To Get Played (In No Kind Of Way), False Advertisers, 2 Faced People, Wanna B's, Wakin Up Early, And Swagger Jackers.!

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Lokey Davis