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Hometown Wesley Chapel, FL
Band Members Ryan Street: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar; Jennifer Street... » more
Achievements Channel-number_1 Top-10 Top-10 Top-10 Top-10 Top-10 Top-10 » more
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The name 11:28 comes from the verse, Matthew 11:28, in which Jesus tells those listening to “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” 11:28 believes that true worship is where rest is found for the weary soul. Whether...





Christian Winner, October 2011
Christian Winner, November 2011
Top 10 in Christian, June 2011


Technical Requirements

Whenever travel is possible, 11:28 will provide the following gear listed below for their specific and sole use:
All Necessary Backline (backline includes all instruments and all on stage direct instrument amplification
Drum Se
Drum Microphone
Microphone Cable
Microphone Stand
Direct Boxe
XLR Cable
Instrument Cable
(Sound System upon request
Any sharing of equipment with other acts or group must be approved ahead of time by 11:28 Management

The preferred stage size is 36 ft. wide by 24 ft. deep by 3ft. high. The stage should be one level, smooth, and sturdy, with the exception of a drum riser, which is preferred but is not mandatory. At least one set of stairs must be present, two sets are preferred. If the stage size indicated above is not available, please contact Artist Manager with the available stage size for approval.

Hosting an event where a band is playing on stage requires more outlets and power availability than normal. In order to avoid blowing a fuse or flipping a breaker, the Purchaser agrees to ensure that the venue has enough power to run all needed equipment for the band. If the venue is outdoors, or is not equipped with enough power, it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to rent a generator or find some other means to ensure enough power is available to successfully run all needed equipment.

In order to successfully host the Artist, the Purchaser should ensure that the venue is equipped with a Mixing Board of at least 24 channels, supported by the appropriate amount of power amplification. The house sound mix position should be approximately 95 feet from the stage. If the Artist is providing their own sound mix equipment, the position of the system must be as close to the center of the room as possible. The Artists sound mix position should be surrounded with a barricade provided by the Purchaser/Venue. For outdoor venues, the sound mix position must be covered and protected from both sun and inclement weather at all times. The sound mix position must not be directly on the ground. Some adequate padding or platform must be provided by Purchaser/Venue.

Lighting: 11:28 currently does not travel with their own lighting system. 11:28 asks the Purchaser/venue to provide the best lighting possible for the event.
5. Video: 11:28's desire in a concert is to provide lyrics to the audience for every song. That being said, we will use every opportunity to put lyrics on an existing video screen with an existing projector. Once 11:28 takes the stage, we should have complete control over what is put onto the video screens. Please provide one volunteer to run video/PowerPoint for the video screens.
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