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Hometown Rye, NH
Genres Jazz, International
Band Members Richard Sheppard - Guitar ; Michael Harrist- Upright ... » more
Achievements Show_case Show_case Channel-number_1 Channel-number_1 Channel-number_1 Top-10 Top-judger » more
Upcoming Shows None
Contact Information:
Charisma Artist Agency 877-534-8021
# Live Perfomances Past Six-months: 40
Market Draw: concert: 76-100
Discography: Des Histoires Simples LP—2012

The award winning Ameranouche (pronounced uh-MARE-uh-noosh) is the premier gypsy jazz trio in the United States. The name is derived from two words: American and Manouche, the gypsy tribe of guitarist Django Rienhardt. This rip-roaring ensemble is a...







Performance at JVC Jazz Festival
DIGF Guitar & Amp
February 2010 World

Review of Gypsy Jazz workshop in Cambirdge MA 3.30 by
I had a great time at yesterday’s workshop and concert by Ameranouche at Outpost. I had not heard these guys in the round; they were hot! Their specialty is exotic arrangements of tunes from the...

Ameranouche concert review by Bob McKillop by
Ameranouche Trio at The Alamo Theatre, Bucksport, ME By Bob McKillop These days, great music is all around us and available to us instantly; all we need to do is click a link on a webpage, and we...



Technical Requirements

Note: All requirements listed herein are negotiable and may vary

Ameranouche can provide a complete, high quality sound system that goes from a very small, battery powered PA system for events where AC power is not readily convenient or available to a full concert PA that will work well in as large as a 500 seat event or any number seat event less than 500. This is all of course, dependent on the needs of each individual event

Ameranouche can also play completely acoustic without amplification at all.

This would be the case generally in a small intimate house concert setting as well as any other smaller intimate concert or other event presentation where amplification would not necessarily be needed or desired

In a concert or nightclub situation where we will NOT need our own system, our needs are as follows

Minimum stage general requirement: 20' x 12'
Two (2) armless sitting chairs with backs such the standard metal folding style chairs for each the guitarists of Ameranouche

The band likes to use their own backline system which consists of their on-stage 16 channel mixer and two powered speakers set directly beside and behind the two guitarists of Ameranouche on stands and give one XLR lead to the house main sound system from that system. They mix their guitars, vocals and bass through their 16 channel on-stage mixer and send it to the house in this fashion. It assures Ameranouche a consistent sound. All is needed from the house engineer is one flat channel from Ameranouche's output XLR signal to the house mixer then split that signal at the house mixing console to another flat channel with no effects other than graphic EQ and then both channels are to be panned to each side for a stereo effect in the mains. No on stage monitors are required with this set-up from the house sound

They require along with this, two stands with booms for vocals. Two microphones of an SM57 quality or better to be used at the band's discretion and any and all XLR cables provided to us and at the band's discretion to use or not

Should Ameranouche, through mutual agreement between presenter and Ameranouche, go through a house system solely without the above mentioned backline system, their needs are as follows:

Two XLR cables that are phantom powered @ no less than 48 volts for the solo guitarist's and the rhythm guitarist's Shure Beta 98 condenser microphones which are mounted on each guitarist's respective instruments that will be fed to the house system
One XLR lead to the house main from the bassist's on stage amp to the house system

Two high quality vocal microphones such as Shure SM58's on boom stands for use from the front two guitar chairs for vocals

A monitoring system that allows for three separate monitor on stage mixes capable of have house main effects in the monitors and are able to be at the satisfaction of each member of the group's monitoring on-stage needs

A high quality reverb effects and also an echoing effect that can be combined from the house system that is capable of producing a large reverb hall sound and a long slap-back echo in a full 24 bit conversion ratio. These effects signal must have the ability to have the effects in the monitors as mentioned above.

The members of Ameranouche reserve the right at their discretion during sound check, to use the band's own 16 channel mixing console and give the house sound engineer one XLR feed to the house sound system's mixing console and use the above listed set-up that will be provided by the venue, should any of the members of Ameranouche feel at sound check that this is necessary

Contact Ameranouche for any further needed clarifications on this matter

Ameranouche also has a very clear and concise rider attached to our contract that is very specific to the band's stage and lighting requirements, which is available on request
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