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Hometown Austin, TX
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Achievements Top-10 Top-10
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Kellye Gray is cool. Not Miles Davis cool, though certainly she has some elements of that. It’s more like your best friend kind of cool. The kind of cool that makes you feel at ease. You want to shoot the breeze with her because she’s engaging, and you’...





March 2009 Jazz
October 2008 Jazz

JazzTimes Magazine CD Review by
CD's Reviewed in this article:KG3 Live at the Bugle BoyLive at the JazzschoolPresumably it’s based on the belief that the listening public expects all albums to shine with flawless,...



Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements:

1. High quality sound system - The system should be able to produce full-range sound pressure level without distortion at the FOH mix position. The system should be checked to have correct matching polarity and phase throughout

2. High quality mixing console – minimum 16 channels with 4 band sweepable parametric EQ per channel

3. Outboard and effects – minimum 1x digital reverb, e.g. Lexicon PCM-9

4. Four monitors – one for each musician on a minimum of two separate mixes

5. Drinking water – Preferably several bottles of bottled water (no gas


1. An acoustic piano unless otherwise specified in the contract. Piano should be tuned to A440 the day of the concert and be in good professional working order. Yamaha, Steinway or similar preferred

2. For guitar – short instrument boom mic stand, chair with no arms and one music stand. Guitar player will provide own microphone

3. Upright Bass – small bass amplifier must be provided (preferred Trace Elliott since player endorses company) or (in order of preference) Eden, Gallen Kruger or Hartke, a DI line/box and one music stan

4. Drums – drum sizes 18”, 14” 12” + snare drums. A four-piece jazz set (Yamaha, Sonar, Gretsch) with all stands and a solid rug underneath. Drummer will bring his own cymbals (two ride) and sticks

5. Vocals – Ms. Gray will provide her own microphone, but will need one upright (no boom) mic stand

A minimum of 60 minutes needed for set-up and soundcheck. Soundcheck and set-up must be finished no later than 30 minutes before the performance.

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