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Hometown Salt Lake City, UT
Band Members Scoob Serious
Achievements Top-10
Upcoming Shows None
Contact Information:
# Years Experience Performing Live: 18
Market Draw: Home Market: 451-500
Performing Rights Society: BMI


Imagine the thought-provoking writing of 2Pac, sprinkled with the haunting and unmistakable sounds of Snoop've just imagined, Scoob Serious...uniquely a triple threat talent! Rapper/Writer/Producer, Scoob Serious has brought a whole new sound...







April 2008 Christian / Spiritual

Rapper's Positive Beats Win Props by
Ex-gang member surprises students with good music bearing good message Tanya Romanchok came to watch the school-sponsored rapper bomb at Wednesday's voluntary assembly. Like other students, she...



Technical Requirements

Basic Requirement

2008 Performance Fees and Ride

CONTACT INFORMATION: Erick Doyle with Visualize Music Group, Salt Lake City, UT Phone: 801-815-6111

Artist: Scoob Serious

Compensation: Contact: Visualize Music Group at
Length of Performance: 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 45 Minutes o
60 Minutes (Purchaser's Choice

Artist to perform using Scoob Serious and Opening Ac

The following information is to serve as a process of communication between Scoob Serious and yourself, the sponsor, in an effort to operate effectively in advance and on the day of the event. If there is a question or problem, please contact us right away so that we may make the necessary adjustments.

AIR TRANSPORTATION: Sponsor to provide all air transportation when necessary. Travel buy-outs are negotiable. Air Transportation to be provided for the following: Two (2) Coach Class Seats (Artist Performer + Road Manager) that is prepared to get all personnel to and from venue city. Promoter shall be responsible for paying all and any airport taxes.

GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Sponsor to provide all ground transportation to transport all personnel to and from the airport in the destination (event / festival) city.

Internal transportation: Sponsor to provide all internal transportation to transport all personnel to and from the hotel to the performance venue and back to the hotel upon completion of performance and back to airport upon completion of event

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Sponsor to provide Two (2) Hotel Rooms (Artist Performer + Road Manager). Hotel shall be (3 Star or Better) each with proper amenities.

FOOD: Dinner - full hot meal to be supplied by and at the sole expense of Promoter on the day of the event. Two (2) Dinners (Artist + Road Manager) and should consist of a hot meal with side dishes, green salad, bottled spring water and hand towels. Towels shall also be made available during the performance for the Artist(s) and the crew.

Fast-food ok but not before performance.

VENUE: The place of performance should include a stage that is safe and solid construction. There should be adequate power available for both the sound system and lighting. It is the promoter's / purchaser's responsibility to provide qualified stage hand that will check the facilities to make sure that it can handle the amount of output required for the duration of the concert

A map with directions, telephone number(s) and contact person(s) should be sent to Erick Doyle upon receipt of signed contract

DRESSING ROOMS: The principal performer (Scoob Serious) shall be provided with one standard sized or Large room with mirrors. Restroom facilities either within the dressing room area or within very easy walking distance and reasonable privacy.

Room must be lockable. In addition, room shall be furnished w/ an assortment of beverages to include adequate supply of bottled water, and hot water for tea / coffee and honey

SECURITY & STAFF: Security should be provided for the stage (Depending on Event size). All backstage passes are subject to approval of the road manager. UNLESS IT IS A FESTIVAL EVENT.

SOUND & LIGHTS: Promoter / Purchaser agrees to furnish all sound, lighting and backline equipment, contact for details.

SOUND CHECK: To be arranged at a time that is reasonably convenient for all concerned. Please ensure that all required sound and lighting equipment is correctly installed and in place prior to sound check time

1 Vocal Mic stand for Scoob Serious. 1 Cordless w/ adequate batteries onsite for Scoob Serious and right hand man. Monitors correctly positioned for Scoob Serious, and Good Quality Speakers for Track Performances. Tracks should have proper Mic'ing, speakers, and amps. Please ensure that there is sufficient free space on stage surrounding Scoob Serious. Bottled water to be positioned as required

Important notes

1. Promotional activities - Scoob Serious is very amenable to working with you on this subject. However, please be sure that all promotional activities are cleared in advance with Management and that a full, detailed itinerary is made available to Visualize Music Group and Scoob Serious as soon in advance as possible.

MERCHANDISE / ARTIST GRANTED RIGHT: To sell their approved merchandise on premises in conjunction with Artist's performances.

PROMOTER / PURCHASER WARRANTS AND COVENANTS: That he / she has obtained the venue and all permits, licenses, certificates, authorization, visa clearances (when necessary), insurances and / or all other approvals for said performances required hereunder

Please contact Erick Doyle of Visualize Music Group ( (801-815-6111) if you have any questions or concerns about anything list above

Now be ready to have your spirit up lifted, chains broken and soul set free, by one of the most anointed Men of God in Holy Hip Hop.... Scoob Serious
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