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Small Town - Monica Allison [Official Music Video]


Standard Disclaimer: No prop was harmed in the filming of this video. Shot in one day at ACME Studio in Brooklyn, NY by filmmaker Matthew Perkins. A lot of caffeine went in to this shoot. Monica had ordered breakfast for us to start the day off, or so she thought. What she actually ordered was double coffee boxes. Caffeine for 50. (Luckily we eventually did get breakfast otherwise this video may have turned out very differently.)

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My checklist keeps getting longer It grows and grows Gotta keep it together Everybody knows this town is good at wearin’ you out We play chicken on the sidewalk People move so slow I get irritated and I make it show This town’s so good at breakin’ you down And I collect things Keep buyin’ more stuff I spend my money When is enough enough? I just collect things Keep buyin’ more stuff I love it I hate it I blame it Give credit I’m here don’t wanna be in it Then I leave it and I miss it I need it and I’ll never go Though I may say so I can’t move back to that Small Town, no A watched pot will never boil Or so they say Well I’ve been watchin’ since my first day This town’s so good at leadin’ you on Everybody who knows somebody who knows somebody Tends to give me hope And all the commuting just makes me old This town just will not let me move on

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