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I Should Be Leaving You

Album: Fire on the Line
Mack Abernathy




This one just kind of fell out of the air and Jessie, Kenny Zink, and Vic & Toni Clay helped tweak it. I was going for the feel of a smooth, Tom Brumley-style steel guitar song that was really country and told a good story.

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You read me like the mornin’ news You know just what to say and do Ev’ry time I try to walk away You say you love me and I want to stay My heart overrules my mind I fall again for that same ole line Your love for me is just a lie And I’m not strong enough to say goodbye (Chorus) I should be leavin’ you But here I am believin’ you And once again my heart will pay For ev’ry lyin’ word you say I’m your puppet on a string Without you I can’t do anything ‘Til I stop believin’ you And get on with leavin’ you To myself I should be true But that demands my leavin’ you We both know I’m not that strong That’s how ya keep me hangin’on Chains are something you’ll never need ‘Cause I’m shackled to a memory And the promises you made to me I’m in prison and you hold the key (Repeat Chorus) (Tag) I’m gonna stop believin’ you And get on with leavin’ you

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