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Haitian Sensation

Album: Kill the Music Vol.1
The Blue Method




R & B


Aw yeh! If this doesn't get ya dancin', nothin' will! I'll tell that right now! Wooh! Can you feel it? Dig those harmonies! Feel that bass! Swing with that crazy saxophone! And those vocals? C'mon now! By the way, as far as the title goes, I was in love with this beautiful Haitian lady. The lyrics are about my aspirations for marriage. Ha!

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I die a day at a time. My decision are with her in mind, yeh. I looked at her ways to find reason enough for me to be blind, yeh. She wants to be honored and esteemed, and wants to be treated with understandin'. I looked at her eyes, the way they gleam, and know that I cannot be too demandin'. CHORUS: I'm happy( my soul) She's happy.(Deep down in our souls...)we're happy. And everything is fine with my soul. But confrontation takes it's toll. Confrontation wears a the most beautiful part of the fabric. But non-sexual affection can ease the pain when things don't go the way we planned it. She's china, crystal, glass. So I just don't want no mistakin'. So let God chart our course. We'll make him the source, and glorify him with the love we're makin'. CHORUS; horn solo; outro. Oooh, fellas...that woman needs step a man. If she needs you to sacrifice, are you gonna show your pride?

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