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What is there left to do?

Album: BeGiN






Dr Who tribute, eclectic jazz fusion as only Daleks could do

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What is there left to do? Waiting there, still hand me down dressed smiling at the world Remembering all the fancy places and the fancied thrills Staring out from some basement window Seeing nothing but wall Wondering whether life on one side is better than no life at all Darkness comes and strangeness glows amid the silenced world The dreams of half truths and mystic traces A heart that knows to well Poisoned sombre ambiance Wilting sallow flower child The greying of the wanton spoiled Laughing to the wild What is there left to do? The screens of violence and sicker ills betraying all that trusts the worshippers dance entranced their fever turned to lust Primal urges ever onwards To make life again anew Watchers licking sticky rods Wishywashy in their moods What is there left to do? Jealously or jealousy What matters not is this Making worlds of images that Pretend that they exist Words so tongued and forked off fear Eyes widened in distaste Screaming only what is want And for something to take its place What is there left to do? Copyright 2012 Bradley Garfield Needham All rights reserved

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